Women’s Health Alliance (WHA) is an independent association of medical societies, patient care organisations and specialist charities that aims to improve awareness and understanding of issues concerning women’s health and so facilitate a better quality of life for women everywhere.

WHA is a resource with three objectives:

  • to enable women to find information more readily about their health, wellbeing and lifestyle;
  • to support GPs and encourage inter-practice referrals so helping to ensure that every woman has access to a doctor or nurse with a particular interest in women's health;
  • to offer Government, the NHS, the media and the broader health industry informed and objective views on current issues concerning women's health.

Our members include medical societies, patient care organisations and specialist charities.

Associate supporters are drawn from throughout the health sector.

This website was launched in July 2012. It helps to communicate our objectives by signposting the work of members and providing opportunities for a sharper focus on women's health.

We are confident that Women's Health Alliance has the expertise and commitment to help you.

Nick Panay Nick Panay signature

Nick Panay
Joint Chair

Heather Curry Heather Currie signature

Dr Heather Currie
Joint Chair

Supporting charities

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